Friday, August 20, 2010

New Heights of Vanity.

Kidding, kind of.

Things are picking up across a number of different fronts: I'm launching a production company, shopping screenplays, and expanding my personal care products line. There are a few high-profile web video projects set to hit the web, and miscellaneous entertainment and entrepreneurial endeavors at various stages of completion in the pipeline.

So it was high time I created a space to promote these efforts. Welcome to my official site. Feel free to poke around the news and projects sections for now. And please excuse the mess... I've just moved in :-)


Carlos Dalben said...

I Became a huge fan! She is a great writer, funny, and extremely beautiful! I twist, frankly, That You Have success you deserve ... Congratulations!

L'Artblog said...

I've written for THE WORLDLY for almost two years and admire Jennifer Zhang's ability for having launched an online magazine that was of high quality and attracted a pool of multi-cultural writers. It takes a lot of effort and skills, but also discipline. THE WORLDLY was a very interesting magazine and I regret that it no longer exists.I wrote numerous articles for the magazine, two of which I'm particularly proud of. One was an interview with astronaut Stephen K. Robinson right after he returned from orbit in 2005, where he carried out his two space walks and an article that I wrote about my visit to the White House in 2006, where I participated in a press conference with press secretary Scott McClellan two days before he resigned.

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