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With perhaps the most inefficient, aesthetically unappealing way to display these things EVER, this page contains Jennifer's various web shorts and videos, audio interviews, video interviews, and a gallery of pictures, all stacked vertically on top of one another. I hope you have a strong scrolling finger.
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Web Shorts and Videos
In no particular order, please enjoy a smattering of the many videos and web short Jennifer has been involved in or has made appearances in recently.
Batman: Death Wish
(writer, producer, cast member)
Batman: Death Wish Behind-the-Scenes and Bloopers
(writer, producer, cast member)
Nerd Reactor's Batman Death Wish Behind-the-Scenes Coverage
(special appearance)
"Dead Inside" Trailer
(writer, producer, cast member)
Jace Hall Show Season 5 Trailer
(guest appearance)
Jace Hall's Street Fighter Music Video
(guest appearance)
Street Fighter High (the original parody)
(writer, producer, cast member)
Street Fighter High: The Musical Trailer
Street Fighter High: The Musical (the sequel, part 1)
(writer, producer, cast member)
Street Fighter High: The Musical (the sequel, part 2)
(writer, producer, cast member)
Street Fighter High: End Credits Fight Sequences
Audio and Podcast Interviews
In recent years, Jennifer's projects have been the subject of several podcasts on film production, music, and screenwriting. Some of them are collected here. Others are buried in canisters in undisclosed locations around the world.

Interview with A Little Dead Podcast - Darryl Pierce of "A Little Dead Podcast" sat down with Jennifer and 4 other members of the 'Dead Inside" cast before the premiere to get their insights on the movie and the experience of acting in it. Also: GHOST STORIES FROM THE SET! Take a listen.

Interview with Scriptcast, Episode 7 - Episode 7 of Script Doctor Eric's "Scriptcast" podcast was devoted to a discussion of "Street Fighter High" and how it opened doors to allow me to producer my feature "Dead Inside." Shenanigans, I tell ya.

Interview with Scriptcast, Episode 26 - Aaaaannnnd I was back! I was lucky to be invited back as the guest for the special Halloween edition of Scriptcast, where I gave a post mortem on the experience of producing "Dead Inside" and where the hosts and I banter about scary movies in general.

Interview with Fan Film Follies - I joined forces with the director and the fight choreographer from Street Fighter High: The Musical for this uber-fun podcast/phone interview with the good folk over at Fan Film Follies!
Video Interviews
And in as random an order as the last section, here are collected interviews that feature Jennifer, her projects and convention appearances. For more interviews of the audio variety (ie. podcasts), check out the "News" tab at the top of the page!
Radnerd Show Interview with Jennifer for Street Fighter High
Arizona Comic Con Batman: Death Wish Panel Coverage by Angry Koala Gear
Nerd Reactor Interview with Jennifer and Matt Hiscox for Batman: Death Wish
Street Fighter High Premiere Interview with Tyler Weist
Nerd Reactor Comikaze Convention Coverage

Pictures from the Premiere of the Feature Film "Dead Inside"

Pictures from Photoshoot with the Rock Band "Soy Cowboy"

MORE PICTURES TO COME from conventions, photoshoots, and more!