Batman: Death Wish - Youtube Channel
2012 started out with a refreshing dip back into my love affair with fan films, when I teamed up with director Matthew Hiscox to produce Batman: Death Wish, a 12-minute short that premiered on the web and wracked up 130,000 hits in 2 months, with write-ups and features on Topless Robot, the Jace Hall Show, and Nerd Reactor. If you're thinking sequel, so are we.

"Untitled" Nerdcore EP with James Tha Deejay
Under the Danger Squad Records label, we're slated to release an EP featuring three original tracks and their remixes with Los Angeles-area DJ and music producer James tha deejay and Grammay-award nominated sound engineer Glenn Suravech. Yet to be titled, the mini-album will feature pop/dance tracks catering to a nerdcore audience including:

  • I win at s3x: a tongue-in-cheek pop track with sexy lyrics composed almost entirely of gaming references and double entendres (games referenced include Mass Effect, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Portal, and many more).
  • Space Cowboy: a dance track that pays homage to the rogues, ruffians, browncoats and scruffy-lookiung nerf herders of science fiction (movies/shows referenced include "Star Trek", Star Wars and "Firefly") 
  • Batsuit (coming soon!): a love/lust song dedicated to Batman. 

Listen to I win at S3x on Youtube (check description for iTunes and CD Baby purchase links):

Preview the "leaked" track Space Cowboy (ft. Vicious Dog) on Mosaic Music's FB page:


Dead Inside - Official Site
Release Date: 2011
Directed by: Pearry Teo
Produced and Written by: Jennifer Zhang
Executive Producers: Paul Cychosz, Debby Chang, Derek Parham, Haruyoshi Sakai, Tom Wilson, George Huang, Adam Zika, Rex Chien

Summary: Sarah, a mentally-disturbed teen, has a jarring premonition of her friends' impending deaths one night at a sleepover. As her houseguests begin to turn murderously against each other, Sarah must determine whether her visions represent the preventable or the inevitable... or something entirely more sinister.

About: Director Pearry Teo ("Necromentia", "Witchville", "The Gene Generation") helms what promises to be a film that takes independent horror to frightening new heights. "Dead Inside" (written and produced by Jennifer Zhang) blends elements of American teen slasher films in the vein of "Scream" and "Final Destination" with those from Asian horror films such as "The Ring" and "The Grudge".

Teo gears up to deliver a film that's a provocative and spine-tingling hybrid of Eastern and Western horror influences.

Starring: Lala Hensely, Matthew Mercer, Rayne Bidder, James Lim, Jennifer Zhang, Tara Strand, Sage Howard
Street Fighter High - Official Site
The first "Street Fighter High" was released in April of 2010, and my life would never be the same. That is to say, it got a lot hadoukenier, which is a very good thing. Here are the newest additions to the series (released September 2010), in 2 parts that I wrote, produced, and portrated Juri in. Scroll down for the original video that started it all.

Part 1:

Part 2:
Here's "vanilla" Street Fighter High. I couldn't have predicted that this first video would garner me, my cast and crew SUCH a fan base!
...and here's the trailer for the musical sequel, released to the public 2 months before we pulled the trigger on the 2-part musical.
Go!Go! Beauty
In 2008, I branded and launched a natural personal care products line that celebrates travel and diversity. All our lotions and soaps are made with pure botanicals, our packaging is recyclable, everything is cruelty-free, and a portion of profits go towards helping women in war-torn countries rebuild their lives. "Pamper with a purpose," we say!

The ADD and ADHD Cure - Buy it on Amazon
I co-authored this book with groundbreaking celebrity pediatrician Jay Gordon in 2008, which prescribes a natural, nutritious cure for childhood behavioral disorders. The book received endorsements from Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, David Duchovny and Tobey Maguire, and is hopefully out there helping parents manage ADD in a healthy way that's free of debilitating side effects.